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Five Best Children's Books About Maine You're Sure to Love

I just love books about Maine and books by Maine authors. It was a dream of mine to write a book about Maine for quite some time. Here are a few of my favorites, including Blueberry and Jam - Adventures in Maine, of course!

Blueberries for Sal: Robert McCloskey

Caldecott Honor Book

What happens when Sal and her mother meet a mother bear and her cub? A beloved classic is born!

Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk! Sal and her mother a picking blueberries to can for the winter. But when Sal wanders to the other side of Blueberry Hill, she discovers a mama bear preparing for her own long winter.  Meanwhile Sal's mother is being followed by a small bear with a big appetite for berries! Will each mother go home with the right little one?

With its expressive line drawings and charming story, Blueberries for Sal has won readers' hearts since its first publication in 1948.

Blueberry and Jam - Adventures in Maine: Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Blueberry and Jam love blueberries and leave a trail of blueberry prints wherever they go!

Join Blueberry and Jam in Vacationland as they explore the great state of Maine! From the bestselling author of the Pinky Doodle Bug series comes this instant classic that is perfect for children and adults of all ages. This delightful adventure is filled with fun, facts, and beautiful illustrations that capture Maine's charm and your imagination.

Heartwarming lyrics from Con Fullam’s overwhelmingly popular “The Maine Christmas Song” present a timely message of hope, compassion, and peace on earth. Learn about the old-fashioned spirit of Maine at Christmastime and discover the true essence of a time not so long ago. Cynthia Baker’s charming illustrations enhance this enduring message and take readers through Maine’s wondrous landscape from the mountains to the great Atlantic shore.

My Cat, Coon Cat: Sandy Ferguson Fuller

When a young girl moves into a new home, she slowly wins the affection of a shy Maine coon cat. Beautiful illustrations by Jeannie Brett enhance the gentle rhyming verses by Sandy Ferguson Fuller, creating a delightful book for children, cat lovers, and anyone who has felt the warmth of making a new friend.

How to Catch a Keeper!: Stephanie Mulligan & Connie Rand

Have you ever wondered how to catch a lobster? Or where lobster rolls come from? This delightful and educational children's book about sea life and catching Maine lobster will engage readers of all ages. Climb aboard the Lucky Catch for a real Maine adventure! The inspiration for this story is based on Captain Tom's lobster excursion: Lucky Catch Cruises located on Long Wharf in Portland, Maine.


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