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Blueberry and Jam - Maine Children's Book

Children's Book
Blueberry and Jam

Adventures in Maine

Paperback now available wherever books are sold.

About the book

Blueberry and Jam love blueberries and leave a trail of blueberry prints wherever they go!
Join Blueberry and Jam in Vacationland as they explore the great state of Maine! From the bestselling author of the Pinky Doodle Bug series comes this instant classic that is perfect for children and adults of all ages. This delightful adventure is filled with fun, facts, and beautiful illustrations that capture Maine's charm and your imagination.

Thank you to: JJ Rouhana, L.L. Bean, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Artist Thomas Dambo, Rusty Court.

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Praise for the Book

I enjoyed reading this book so much! It evoked numerous memories, and now I am feeling drawn to embark to go back to Maine..! It has lovely pictures and tells a magical story about two unexpected friends. The author has done an outstanding job with this book, and anyone visiting the area will undoubtedly desire to embark on their own thrilling adventures within its pages.

Kate Glendon

In the press

About the Author

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Hi! I am Elizabeth. I live in Maine with my three cats, two dogs, four sons and husband of 25 years. I love blueberry pancakes with Maine Maple syrup! 

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About the Illustrator

Irina Prisacaru

Hi! I am Irina. I am a passionate artist. I love drawing cats and illustrating children's books. I brought Blueberry and Jam to life!

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